A little more about me!

What Role do I Play?

You might be thinking and asking yourself, hhhhm what is she thinking? What is she doing? 

Let me break it down for you,

Hi, a little introduction, I am Cristina Ceri, 

I am Online Entrepreneur and I have 2 different businesses which I manage to bring me 6-figure income.

I am a Real Estate Sales Manager and I leverage. I train and help people grow personally and financially at the same time in a real estate field. 

I’m in the field of Marketing for 9 years and still counting. Well, yeah I love marketing, you can tell by the number. I grow my business with the help of digital marketing.

I am a proud wife and a mother of 1 beautiful son. I never fail to live the life I choose. Time Freedom gives you all the time to spend it with what matters most in your life. 

I am a founder of A Mother’s Help Project, I plan to realize this project this year 2019, with all your help. This is for all less fortunate single mother who raise their kids bravely and alone. To reach out, help, give them financial assistance and livelihood program so they no longer work far from their children just to make a living. 

Maybe you are thinking that I have so much in my plate right now. What am I thinking? Right?

Yes, that is true and I always choose to have so much in my plate so I can reach out and share my plate to any one who needs it. I choose to have it, I choose to learn new skills and I choose to enhance it. It makes me happy, it makes me who I am. 

When you have something that makes you fulfilled and grateful about learning and earning the weight of knowledge you gain, that’s the moment and time you are unfolding the path to see your true worth and purpose.  By having it, is not just own it, make use of it and share it.

Many are still stuck and not able to find happiness in their life. You need to be true to yourself, you need to evaluate all the steps that you take that leads you to that nowhere land. Life has so much meaning yet we decided to waste it and thinking there’s still tomorrow to figure out. When feeling stuck then stop, when life leads you nowhere then stop. Stop what you’re doing when it always duplicates your yesterdays. And better Call someone that can help you about it. 

You can even talk to me, I’m free anytime to help you with your troubles. Life should never be that hard. Whatever situation you have, may it be in your Personal Life or Business, all of them has its own place of  alignment. So better connect with me or anyone you trusted to fix that tangled.